Realization As I Get Older

I want love that isn’t uncommon in this world. I was reading some funny memes on love and I stumbled across a saying that is somewhat apropos:

"I want to be in love with someone that wakes up thinking of me, messages or texts me before anyone else, tells me they love me without me initiating it, and goes to bed with me on their mind."







ultimate ice bucket challenge aesthetic. 

For those of you who cant understand: “Hi I’m Donatella Fversace. Excepted the ice bucke shallenge and uh I nominate Perdon Bolfnsdkgl, Fa Rell, en Priss. Em no jus here to fruin my meku please nonate to AF’sL. No fect AHHHVHSDFDSHF”

Omg I never knew she sounded like this. How does Gaga even understand her.